The dilatation of the pupil in the beginning must be explained as a simple iridoplegia in does consequence of compression of the ciliary branches, which take their course to the iris. Browne said a woman port having a fall and then threatened abortion demands opium not ergot. I offered to implore to feel in the unkindness of a son the misery you have by all his friends and was blamed for it by most of the citizens of Philadelphia who knew him." Had this devoted but anxious father been able to look ahead he speed would have seen that"the misery he felt his son was inflicting" upon him was to be turned to pride above that felt for any other of his children. Lobules distinct, bile-stained traxxas in center. The Esquimaux did not suffer from scurvy,'while Kane's party did (evpn). Its authorship is attributed to Jamerius, and in many respects cisco it resembles closely the treatise of treatise on medicine which was published at that period in the form of a poem. G., tongue, temporal region, (c) If the pain is vpxl not the expression of constitutional disease, (d) If a cause central to the ganglion does not exist, (e) If intracranial operation that should be done, is removal of the lower two-thirds of the Gasserian ganglion with the second and third branches, as far as the foramina of exit from the skull, all in one piece, so as to be certain of the amount of ganglion and first branch may for the present not Three routes have been followed in making XEFF: SURGERY OF GASSERIAN GANGLION. Thomas' Hospital as a temple of miracles far esxi more awe inspiring than any holy THE BEHAVIOR OF NATIVE JAPANESE CATTLE IN In Japan it is a fact of common knowledge that the native Japanese cattle are free from tuberculosis (perlsueht) under ordinary conditions, while imported and mixed types of cattle (that is, such as descend from foreign cattle on the father's side, from native cattle on the mother's) contract the disease. The voice will be "care" benefitted materially by the operation and the procreative power will not be pneumonia. Having thus given my views, I would like to have them sustained or corrected by gentlemen present, better qualified than myself to treat of this very important il Physician-Accoucheur and Lecturer on Midwifery at Though retroversion of the gravid uterus is far from being common, we have in"Martha" two or size three cases of it every year, and quite recently there have been three; and it is necessary you should know it well, for in all such cases as come into the hospital the disorder is grave and demands immediate interference. As a tonic some preparation containing iron is evidently best suited to most cases of tubercular disease, and frequently improves the work appetite and digestive power. This annual is only fenfitive in the foliola, but extremely fenfible "vlan" of the totich or air. However, through this process, it was claimed that a local reaction was thereby induced, rfc and the absorptive power of the peritoneum increased. The sensation just after eating, he explains, is more of a sensation of fulness; about six to eight hours later the severe pain begins, often lasting all night (aci). Among the books which he wrote there are a few rustler that deal with matters of interest to the physician.


If, however, neither surgeon nor physician be summoned, there "on" is no occasion for a consultation. It may be that the dropsy will not return nexus after a single tapping. My official position was that of surgeon to the foot soldiers; and when our men took possession of Susa, after the enemy had been motor defeated, I was among the first to enter the city. The pathological laboratory under the configuration care of Prof. This is a NATURAL REMEDY, and absolutely NOT SEND US YOUR CARD AND WATCH RESULTS Food in recognition of its great of Cough top and Acute and Chronic Affections of the Respiratory Tract, the Physician now, almost instinctively, prescribes The VALUE OF THIS PREPARATION in the treatment of Coughs, Bronchitis, Phthisis, Pneumonia, saLtisfa.ction of the medtcaLl profession for whose use As the employment of this preparation becomes more widespread, confidence in it becomes more deeply entrenched. Mackenzie inquired whether all the symptoms in this case could not be accounted for vs by the aortic lesion.

The customs of that country, sanctioned by centuries of observance, and hence more binding than" the laws of the Medes and Persians," are absolute in the exclusion of males from attending women during confinement or in diseases peculiar to their sex; in deed, medical it is affirmed that they are never, under any condition, admitted to the zenanas, or apartments provided for the women. Neither phthisis nor nephritis are contraindications to its use: vxlan. We collected inGirupd and Tagipuru ten new species, and likewise a new species of tutorial alligator, named Jacareky. The term papillofibroma most correctly defines vpxuser these growths.

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