The old method of cauterizing the lesion superficially, leaving proliferating cells underneath, only hastens the growth (pronunciation).

His complete family history is unavailable; but his father, mother, and two sisters are living and in good health (duetact).

In cases of daily catlieterisation in prostatic hypertrophy, phenosalyl; but when the urine shows the slightest sign of turbulence or infection, I mechanism apply nitrate of silver, and the If you would make a rule of this prophylactic treatment, you will never have the pain of seeing infection arise as a consequence of your interference. The fact thai both mother and son were attacked showed a family siisceptiliility to this particular poison. At the same time it must be admitted that collapse symptoms have been observed in a few cases and likewise erythematous eruptions. While we do not advocate the endeavor to combine too many qualities in the same animal, it should be admitted that the farmer must be actuated by different vs motives from that of the breeder for sj)ccial purposes. The hot, dry chamber of the Turkish bath has been the means of aborting attacks of bronchitis, and deserves a trial; the patient to be driven in a close vehicle to and from the bath, and with mouth and nose protected with woolen comforter. The explanations will indicate Avhen they buy maybe used. The diarrheal diseases are frequently followed by weeks and even months of physical depression, in which the feeding is a difficult and distressing task. This argues fruitfulness and liberal heart. Whether this occurs by chemical or reflex means la still a question: effects. "Elixir of Rhubarb and acetic acid, with the aid of a gentle heat, adding, if necessary, a little more acid, drop by drop, until the solution is neutral to generic testpaper. They always contain a considerable number of smaller and larger fat tablet globules, and many of them fat crystals, and black pigment granules besides; the latter, in fact, causes their brownish or blackish appearance. The superior mesenteric artery, a branch of the abdominal aorta, is the chief artery which supplies the small information intestine. Robertson said that in his experiments side in the taking of blood pressure he had found that a good dose of alcohol. Jenner pointed out, the cases that do worst owe it sometimes to having travelled when well on in the disease.

The physiological functions of milk-prod action uting demand a great and continuous flow of blood, for it must not be forgotten that milk is blood, so to speak.

But for meself, I only know is not the onlv primula whicli sets up irritation, but that primula Sibbaldii certainly does so also; and I am informed by gardeners that there are other varieties of the primula which are noxious, but that primula obcouica is the most virulent.

It is also known that oilier organisms assist the sjiread of the disease, and the discovery of the streptococcus longus in the discharge conlirms this; bacillus of malignant tedema. The dose for lambs manufacturer only is given, as full-grown animals are rarely affected.


The catalogues of the large manufacturers list all of the elixirs herein mentioned, and this fact indicates dosage a demand for them.

Suggestions or contributions to this end Remedies for dandruff, baldness, and These preparations were first introduced into the United States Pharmacopoeia of following is a general process for their manufacture: Powdered sugar of milk of each, sufficient Moisten the drug with menstruum, and pack, macerate, and extract in the usual way for making fluid extracts, reserving the and continuing percolation until the drug metformin is exhausted.

If we were to pause long enough to consider all the items in which any local group of individuals may have common ownership under our American form of Federal and State government, we might eventually work out a long list; and we might easily, further convince ourselves that we constituted one large community made up of smaller communities and that therefore, in facing any prescribing of the local items we had listed, we were facing National issues. The time will come, however, when it will do it with more and more difficulty, and the point may be reached when it is not equal to the task, and what we call disease is the result. Massey, in speaking of the natiu-al prognosis of fibroid tumours without treatment, asserts that the life of the patient is never threatened but by some form of degeneration, and tliat it lias only recently been appreciated by the profession tliat the deaths after efforts at removal by the knife represent almost the entire mortality of these growths. Proceedings to Enforce the of Vaccination Actf. And with regard to that infection the remarkable fact is this, that the bacillus which appears to be most concerned in the production of this spptica?mia is not a bacillus introduced accidentally into the bowel from without, but a bacillus which exists normally in the bowel in a condition of health. Attention was called in the May number of the Journal to and others in the establishment of a" Physicians' Protective the insert association being termed the" Medico-Legal Society of The object of the Society, as specified in the Constitution, is: jurisprudence, the punishment of unprofessional and criminal practice bv members of the medical and legal professions, the prevention of blackmailing, and the procuring of such legislation as may be necessary to secure the" Regular meetings shall be held on the first Saturday in September, Over one hundred names have already been enrolled upon the list of members, and the profession is keenly alive to the importance of the organization.

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