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The U.S. Presidential Election in the Year 2000..... 
The pending results of this election pose an outstanding opportunity to apply the formative principles. They do so where the participants' self-interests overridingly display the immoral alternative before a world in which many other social contracts are even more immoral by degree. That is, the ever-shifting, personally-convenient and ultimately-divisive "enlightened self-interests on display here provide a point-by-point departure from that humanly-common formative source which truly does present the moral alternative which could remove this society from its lamentable condition.
The Moral Applications in point-by-point formation....

The social rights of all citizens/consumers at the interface of their primary private rights their political participation within the voting booth takes priority over the interests of their political custodians, some of whom they'd elect there. This means that:
      -their custodians within the executive- including its election's division- and judicial branch must act to remedy errant vote counts and misdirected ballot choices effected by that division's confusing ballots or politically-enacted fraud generally... do so through recounts and/or new elections as appropriate where those voters act to appeal such abrogations of their greater rights as logical plaintiffs anywhere within U.S. geopolitical borders.
      -the interests of Gore or Bush or their staffs or their advocates morally lack any special authority to deny this or to advance their own divisive interests- even in the event-dependent guise of "the national interest," itself an amorphous and divisive concept errantly to apply
      -the "good" of "this country" standardizes to be within these- and other- disinterested (read as "impartial" and not "uninterested") applications of the formative source as not to be confused even with the codified word-concepts of political "law" which these immoral political others now interpret as convenient to their own self-interests
      -in rational fact an increasing number of Americans actually abet their own enslavement while they only intuitively recognize some vague something to be amiss within the "spin" of their human rulers
      -the spin of the contenders and their minions obtains a common, immoral end through their enlightened self-interests as also to prove ever-shifting depending upon whose "oxes are gored" within the unfolding of escalating events
     -that the people of this country largely consider the codification of their ultimate "rule of law" in the guise of the reality which is the hierarchical rule of men within their illicily sacrosanct Constitution as itself based upon such individually-divisive concepts but aggravates the immoral alternative they sanction by omission or commission within their social contract
      -the citizens-consumers who immorally have least authority where their greater rights are trampled again witness an event which among many of them realistically intensifies their "cynicism" towards "politics" and "politicians"
      -even those citizens-consumers who- in formative ignorance- see through the motives of their political rulers while not sharing their spin also participate within a dynamic which runs counter to the actual good of the country by not combining in moral civil disobedience with the formative source as their moral alternative
     -nearly all the people of this country refer to the codified language of an illicitly-sacrosanct Constitution as also in their enlightened self-interests to perpetuate their immoral political structure within their social contract
     -within their Constitution, their provisions for an electoral college which actually elects the president and vice-president itself exists in moral error- giving lie to the notions of "democracy" and "equality" which it and they also proclaim to exist
     -that electoral college and a conceptually-related bicameral legislature also complicate the electoral process not only to mitigate against the reality of "one man- (person)-one vote" truly as a "democratic" process but never would exist within a moral social contract in the first instance.

In conclusion, if America truly had a democracy with equality accorded equally to, for and of all the people within its geopolitical borders, there'd be no politically-sanctioned political borders protecting its "states" rights- "rights which further subdivide into counties or parishes, cities and other delimited borders. These require hierarchical divisions of conceived authority... those which actually delegate to the peoples' public-sector politicians in the first instance. This not only would help make the electoral process moral but would simplify an overly-complicated system of government which needlessly wastes its resources... resources which measure through and allocate from  the concept of "money..." one which itself has an illicit presence from within the private sector to empower their undemocratic rulers as men unequally within the electoral process and otherwise.

That Ralph Nader and the American Green party intuitively knew much of this without formative awareness... that they also are among those victimized... that they also had presented the best alternative from the electoral outset is focal. They knew that both Bush and Gore ultimately and essentially have let those who control the money concept through global corporations also call the shots in contravention of a true democracy, freedom and equality- all of which consequently itself is to be lamented.

That many voters took the morally-relative view that voting for him and La Duke was a "wasted vote" and opted for "the lesser of two evils" then also became a self-fulfilling prophecy through which they perpetuated the very electoral system within an overriding social system which first enslaved them. Perhaps the illicit rule of men within their own controlling and monopolized media in its frenzy over the unusual electoral issues now presented truly and ultimately will permit Americans to move toward their true "national interest" in the democracy, freedom and equality to which they entitle.... Perhaps and within a desirable "constitutional crisis" they next will at least transition to a moral social contract by electing those like Nader whose enactable concepts more nearly approach the humanly-common authority of that truly-moral rule of law- not men- which the formative source hierarchically presents as those word-formatives which politically could replace the word-concepts of "law" within our analogous language. Still, that's within the ultimate formative question for our species.... 

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