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  The Political Party Standardizes  to be...
  ...an interest group which has unequal degrees of top-down political authority over us within our standardized "public sector." As an interest group, its nominal members with varying degrees often of  contested authority exert authority within the group and socially outside it. That is, each individual member politically serves his or her own "enlightened" self-interest immorally even where and when and if "democratically" elected. Ironically, they formatively differ in essence from those combining within private-sector "interest groups" only by the standardized "sector" within which we do institute them socially along with their unequal power among and over us. 
  Such politically-instituted interest groups would form immorally within the moral social contract we've yet to institute anywhere. There and then, they'd have only a private right as individuals to combine as nominally-labeled "parties" or otherwise. Neither they nor the individuals within them would have special, "more-equal" rights than individually-independent others to run for offices or to access the common wealth which equally also would reserve to the people as a whole. 
  Yet each of us privately is an equal individual who morally can support those individuals and parties which politically aren't moral themselves. Indeed, we individually can yield morallly to the immoral political authority of others whether it's socially instituted with political authority or not. "Moral relativism," therefore, can standardize morally with absolute authority as also to be within our fully-optioned private rights because the individual's rights form morally first to be  "inalienable"as more than a standardized concept. Thus, the paradox: The formatively-absolute truths and facts morally do apply to explain and enable even our immoral behavior as the rationally-sovereign species.
  Applying  this knowledge and pending our kind's forming our first morally exemplary social contract, we at this site secondarily dedicate it to those political sites and those behind them which and who at least would point us in the right direction. Primarily, of course, we dedicate it to those individuals among us who would produce a  moral social contract in the first formative instance....
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Last modified on September 5, 1999