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The Question in paperback Within The Question, Dana Barbour's initial groundbreaking novel, the author not only explores the time-honored question of man's inhumanity to man (and all else) as the problematical "master of all he surveys," but without didactic recourse within his own putative voice incrementally presents a moral alternative. That alternative itself requires the otherwise-conditioned reader's very need to redefine language with regard to its otherwise-divisive referents in order to surmount that very divisiveness which, from their own varying perspectives, both the philosophical existentialist and semanticist at least have known to exist, however much stopping short of where the author leads us.

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Beyond the Question Cover Within the stand-alone sequel, Beyond the Question, the characters who've become to be the morally dedicated exponents of this social alternative strive to make it universally available among their own kind within a human world predominantly motivated by self-serving moral relativism, their being unable to impose it upon others by reference to its own applied constraints.

Throughout both novels, the author implicitly challenges us even as his "formative family" challenges "fictional" others. Yet, in both parallel endeavors, he doesn't lose sight of the genre within which he communicates any more than he does the "catch-22" which is the presently necessary-if-divisive medium of language itself. Both novels still do stand as novels... their characters distinguished and credibly motivated within equally credible events given the possibilities of our near future as the sovereign-if-not-yet-moral species of rational fact.

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