The Formation Quest & Life Options
The Individual and Society
In brief, the complete formation of positive life options....
  first requires individuals to respect the formative truths and facts they'd geopolitically codify within a moral social contract. Only then could they equally access positive options they'd also open within the fullest-possible range as also the rational facts of the natural environment also could converge to support them.
  Those of us who live in the "real world," however, both deny this through empowering the hierarchical rule of men rather than moral law and even reduce these options presently as unforeseeable through our "essential ignorance,"a standard for which we'd also vest with socio-political authority otherwise. That is, at some point as it is, it's quite likely we will set off a chain of ecological events which even could foreclose our final option- that even to survive as the sovereign species which morally didn't know its limitations.
  The expertise of the environmentalist itself therefore would provide one socially-contributive, positive life option- a political one with public-sector application as an essential public service. Ironically, the expertized economist who'd have a similar status also is one now who instead perpetuates a money-concept by and from which we presently invert the moral priorities perversely to threaten that which rationally sustains all our positive life options within our cultural environment.
  There also are positive life options beyond political employment within the governmental sectors- even beyond one's economic motivation as well. The autonomous public sector (APS) could provide a place for those who'd know and welcome the opening of options beyond both restrictions within the standardized "sciences" and the "arts" prospectively as also socially contributive. Yet even the lack of openings within that social institution wouldn't limit one's access to these opportunities. From within society at large, any enfranchised individual equally could motivate to pursue personal satisfaction even hedonistically as pleasure as well as from his or her motivated attempt socially to contribute.
  At least he or she could if the openings existed politically as protected, but they don't. Because they don't, we've good reason to believe we also lose many social benefits apart from those lost  ecologically as well, that conversely many of those of us who now pursue personal pleasure illegally and often hypocritically would become sated quite quickly otherwise- that they'd more likely become socially contributive instead of overpopulating our prisons and needlessly consuming all our resources through unjust applications of the law.
  Some rationally-enacted life options are uncontributive and immoral, and we could and should prosecute the perpetrators within the judicial branch through our moral social contract. These perpetrators are those politically who'd rule as men, and those who'd transact truly within "victimless crimes" aren't among them. Drug abuse, prostitution, and even suicide among the enfranchised truly are victimless crimes, and- whether the enactors arguably pursue pleasure or a surcease from life itself- we socially have no morally-politicized right to prohibit the acts or prosecute the enactors. Yes, and once again we're likely to see less of this if we do extend the fullest-possible range of positive life options in the first formatively-moral social instance.
  The unenfranchised have needs and rights which socio-politically apply often to the contrary. Morally they are primary dependents and the enfranchised must not aid them in drug abuse, prostitution, or suicide. Indeed, doing so would be crimes for the enfranchised abetters. Morally therefore, political custodians such as their parents or legal guardians and politically-purposeful others within the public sector custodially must act in their interests as their logical plaintiffs. They must act both exigently in their charges' custodial defense and before the court if needed later.
  These custodians would also nurture their wards proactively by introducing them incrementally to the rational conditions which would lead to their own enfranchisements- the full range of  positive life options to be the ultimate result. Along the way, the custodians- possibly including politically-purposeful others providing essential public services- truly would provide "positive role models" for social contribution to their charges. Their wards then could aspire to qualifying for these expertized roles as equally-possible, positive life options as well.

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Last modified on September 9, 1999