The Formation Quest
The Formation History and Mission Statement


        While this site's brand new in 1999, its formation began over two decades ago with its founder's quest to understand mankind's repeated–yet–timeless enslavement to a universal precondition which the most of us still never question at all.
        Yes, and the answer/answers he discovered also must undergo your own ability openmindedly to question their own underlying legitimacy as explaining, enabling and—at each thinking individual's option—guiding our lives as truly we could become the moral as well as sovereign species.
        Within these common truths, we can opt either way—as individuals first and only then as social groups, mankind's first morally exemplary nation-state the next and penultimate social formation.
        And so the founder dedicates this site to this, our historic divisions of and by the happenstance of birth or our subsequent choice as to include country, ethnicity, religion, race, gender, ideology and family to offer no ultimate answers for us all on this Earth and within the existences we can know.
        Those inclusions themselves are within the formative truths and facts as the secondary human characteristics to and of which a moral politics would address itself. Those entrusted with political custodianship first must protect everyone's equal right to include themselves within these secondary divisions so long as no such interest group politically would gain advantage.
        That many among us do relate to this in the abstract and yet also disagree as to where to “draw the line” within the more-concrete applications is significant. Many of us intuitively at least are in greater “touch” with the moral truths, only to be divided where and when “push” does “come to shove.”
        We must get beyond the happenstantially moral and immoral acts we do commit and countenance... get beyond our overriding amorality in ignorance of the enabling truths.
        Please join us in that effort. Your formative awareness logically is the precondition to your own moral dedication....

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Last modified on Saturday, May 22, 1999