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In the words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Yet this needn't be. There is a common answer to the timeless human question of “man's inhumanity to man—” and all else within his domain. We needn't remain the divided, fractious and misguided species. We still have the ever-less-certain time to seize the social alternative we've only intuitively known and practiced but occasionally before. The true political rule of law—a truly common law—really is possible!
We dedicate this site to that alternative which maximizes individual freedom and human rights in view of our rights privately to differ equally about them—all politically as within the just social order we've never had anywhere within any country and before it's too late to rewrite the legacy of our species.
This site then uniquely addresses all this. It proceeds by two givens, first that the formative truths and facts which explain and enable our differences are from a common and underlying human source which is available to us all despite our neglect.
Within this site, its founder, Dana Barbour, as within his books, asks that you understand that what he's found doesn't proceed from his own individual self-interests as differing from your own but commonly as explaining and enabling all our self–interests from their very formation.
Therefore and second, the applications of these truths and facts with regard to our behavior not only follows from these truths and facts as admitting to anyone's human fallibility (his own equally included) but opens the way for this site to become a “think tank” within which you also can choose to participate.
Please enter with an open mind....


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